Our Future, Our Schools : It’s Up To Us!

Our future depends on education. Yet the public isn’t fully aware of the devastation our public education system is experiencing. Please help by simply sharing this information and pushing for the political debates required to ensure a better future for this nation.

The BIGGEST THREAT to Our Future is the Destruction of Our Public Education System.

Our future depends on a solid foundation of quality public schools for all.“Reforms” did harm!

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? | Misinformation

The reforms the public accepted are not real reforms; they are fakes.Admittedly, it’s difficult to distinguish fake from real reforms.

Truth? We’ve been fooled. By repeating false information, the public received a plausible but unproven message — “the U.S. public education system failed and political and business leaders will fix it.” Market-Based Reforms were to be their silver bullet. Instead, that bullet continues destroying our system.

Private interests have not proven to have our future at the forefront of their actions.What problem did market-based reformers face in 1990?

Parents overwhelmingly liked their public schools. But markets depend on demand. So, by undermining our traditional —”government”—public schools , weakening our trust in public education, and familiarizing us with “new” and “innovative” products, demand was created.

Marketing misled the public.

How ? | Failure By Design
Our future depends on setting public policy that improves existing public schools.
Four of the faulty assumptions of fake reforms are explained in this press release.
  • The public purchased reforms based on assumptions, not evidence.
  • State and federal education laws set the goal as higher test scores, not adequate life skills and the necessary knowledge for maintaining our republic. 

The dismantling of the public school system is an immediate threat to the United States. But to stop it requires a real reform plan and freeing-up public funding to accomplish the right goals. To do that, we must uproot the laws funding fake reforms.

Real reforms require shifting our resources away from what we know does NOT work. But then we must remain vigilant in directing where our money is spent. It is up to us.

Time to set the record straight and use real reforms! 
Start NOW (click on the links below to learn more about distinguishing real from fake reforms and those advocating those reforms).

Know Your Reforms | | Know Your Reformers

Marketing truth is the only way to undo the damage done by misinformation. But such a campaign requires an enormous number of devoted people. Consequently,  it’s up to every one of us learning about the truth to then spread it.

You can help by simply amplifying the truth!

The More You Know | The More You Share | The Better We Grow