Education Technology

Education technology is fully installed in K-12 classrooms across America. This was done without consideration of and concern for the detrimental effects it has on children and young adults. It ‘s time to STOP THE EXPANSION of online instruction and testing.

The FBI encourages parents and families to discuss with their local districts what and how EdTech technologies and programs are used in their schools. Parents must know the amount of time a student spends looking at a screen and what data is collected and shared.

Research on the use of education technology and total screen time demonstrates  physical, mental, behavioral, and academic problems. Yet, it appears that education technology is expanding its reach into classrooms and young minds, unabated.

Our lawmakers need to step up and do a better job!


You can start here:

Submit the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Public Service Announcement (PSA) to your local school board members and other local, state, federal administration and officials (PublicServiceAnnouncement pdf provided for easy printing or electronic sharing). Letter templates/examples provided here.

Speak directly to your school board at their regular meeting. Some talking points are provided for your consideration and use. Be persistent, Follow Up with a request for action.

Ask: Why not Hit Pause on Education Technology expansion and consider all the facts?

Next, learn more about parental rights and student privacy. …


Learn What FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) Is & Why It Needs To Be Restored. Parents need notification and consent back in law. Opt-out options are not good enough.

And ask that your school follow these …American Association of Pediatrics’… Screen Time Recommendations!

Follow and set good examples for your kids!

Well informed High Tech Parents limit technology in their young children — that also holds true in the schools they attend!

Let’s fix the problems that Education Technology has created. Start now! Read the FBI recommendations to parents.

Demand Data Privacy for the United States that is as good or better than the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the European Union.